Episodic Urbanism

Episodic Urbanism is a book about the transformation of two city blocks in the heart of Melbourne, Australia. It tells the story of how Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design has worked, over the course of nearly two decades, to turn RMIT University’s inner city premises from what was essentially a private fortress, into a public-spirited urban campus.

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Touching on everything from renaissance Italian townscapes to masterworks of 20th century city-making by the likes of Carlo Scarpa, Luis Barragán and Jože Plečnik, Episodic Urbanism illuminates the unique conceptual framework underpinning the success of RMIT’s rejuvenation. As the book demonstrates, this framework sits in stark contrast to typical master planning exercises that work to impose a single, homogenous vision. Instead, it privileges subtle, incremental change that is respectful of existing conditions and their history – which in RMIT’s case stretches right back to the foundation of the Melbourne.

Presented in a visually rich, tactile format developed by graphic artist Stuart Geddes, Episodic Urbanism features contributions from several leading thinkers on landscape architecture and the city, including Leon van Schaik AO, William L Fox, SueAnne Ware and Robert Nelson. As an exploration of both urban and institutional renewal, it tells a story about how we might effect dramatic transformation within our cities, without the dramatic rupture commonly associated with ‘renewal’. It is an essential publication for those with an interest in how we can shape our cities for the better, not through erasure and homogenisation, but with an appreciative eye to their history, diversity and vitality.

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Architecture AU – Parliament of Victoria, Members’ Annexe Building

Review by Dimity Reed

pages 24-32


Urban Choreography Central Melbourne 1985 –

Edited by Kim Dovey, Rob Adams & Ronald Jones - Melbourne University Press, 2018

pages 179 - 194

‘Designing & Framing Public Space’

Available at:



Architecture AU

24 August 2016

Revitalized performing arts complex for Monash University
Available at:

The Age

30 January 2016

page 15

Old Melbourne Gaol escapes shackles Review of RMIT B11 by Stephen Crafti Saturday Real Estate


19 January 2016

$40m addition to Vic Parliament House By Sian Johnson

Available at:


Episodic Urbanism

RMIT Urban Spaces Project 1996 – 2015 Peter Elliott Architecture + Urban Design URO Publications, 2015

The Age

05 December 2015

page 19

Block Party Book Review by Ray Edgar of ‘Episodic Urbanism’ RMIT Urban Spaces Project 1996 – 2015 Spectrum Design Section

Landscape Architects Network

26 October 2015

How to turn a derelict urban space into a people magnet. Article by Agmarie Calderon Alonso

Available at:


Issue 24, July 2015 Standing Ovation – School of Performing Arts & Creative Education, Geelong Grammar School Review by Peter Hyatt

pages 22 - 37



18 August 2014

Parking space to play space: A’Beckett Urban Square. Review by Mat Ward

Available at: 


18 July 2014

“Pop-Up Basketball at RMIT” by Laura Gardner

Available at:

The Age

July 11, 2014

The Nation, page 4

From car park to urban oasis, drawing on all kinds of traffic. Review by Kylie Northover of RMIT A’Beckett Urban Square.

The Age

June 11 2014

page 30

Carlton Baths revamp embraces past Review by Stephen Crafti Business Section

The Age

05 May 2014

RMIT to open $1.2m CBD pop-up venture on former A’Beckett Street car park. Review by Clay Lucas & Benjamin Preiss


AR Architectural Review Asia Pacific

Issue 126, August / September 2012

pages 76 - 81

"Bridging the Past" review of William Buckley Bridge, Barwon Heads by Maitiu Ward

The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture

Edited by Philip Goad & Julie Willis

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New Victorian Architecture

pages 124 - 127 & 382 - 391

Office of the Victorian Government Architect, The Miegunyah Press, Melbourne 2012

The Age

16 May 2012

page 13

"Cues from past to present"

Article by Stephen Crafti on Trinity College

School of Theology at the University of Melbourne

Commercial Property, Business Section


Architecture Australia

Vol. 100 no. 5 September / October 2011

pages 100 - 104

AA Roundtable 05, Perth "Retrofitting Cities"

Panel transcript

The Age

26 August 2011

page 15

Barwon Heads Pedestrian Bridge

Architecture Review by Joe Rollo, The Arts Section

Beautiful Ugly

The Architectural Photography of John Gollings, Joe Rollo

Thames & Hudson, Melbourne 2011

Photographs of various projects


The Age

13 December 2010

page 15

"Where new floats over the old"

Architecture Review by Joe Rollo on RMIT Building 9 rooftop extension, The Arts Section

Steel Profile

no. 107 November 2010

pages 42 - 43

Steel Details – Fine Form

Article on Deer Park Bypass Noise walls

The Age

27 October 2010

page 16

"Centuries meld in College update"

Article by Stephen Crafti on RMIT Building 1, Commercial Property, Business Section

The Age

11 August 2010

page 15

"Fresh vision takes building to new heights"

Article by Stephen Crafti on RMIT Building 9, Commercial Property, Business Section

Architect Victoria

AIA Victorian Chapter Magazine

Victorian Architecture Awards 2010

Deer Park Bypass & RMIT Building 9


Australian National Architecture Awards 2010

pages 14, 39, 166, 209

AIA publication, curated by Katrina Stube & David Parken, RMIT Building 9 & Deer Park Bypass


Landscape Architecture Australia

No. 123 August 2009

pages 30 - 34

"Road Trip" review by Claire Martin

Architecture Australia

Vol. 98 no. 4 July / August 2009

pages 93 - 97

Deer Park Bypass, review by Scott Drake


reHousing 24 Housing Projects

Edited by Shane Murray, Diego Ramirez-Lovering & Simon Whibley

pages 70 - 73

RMIT University Press, 2008

International House, University of Melbourne


22 March 2008

pages 106 - 113

Mirka at Tolarno, Review by Judith Abell

Architecture Australia

Vol. 97 no. 2 March / April 2008

pages 76 - 81

"The joy of infrastructure" review of the Melbourne Zoo Water Recycling Plant by Helene Frichot

A Skilled Hand and Cultivated Mind – A Guide to the Architectural and Art of RMIT University

Harriet Edquist & Elizabeth Grierson

RMIT University Press, 2008

Chapter 5 Urban Spaces: remaking the campus 1996-2010

Landscape Architecture Australia

February 2008

pages 48-57

RMIT University Urban Spaces

Reflection by Chris White review by Martyn Hook

Landscape Architecture Australia

February 2008

pages 48 - 57

RMIT University Urban Spaces

Reflection by Chris White review by Martyn Hook


The Age

19 December 2007

page 16

"All guts and glory on display in tiny projects"

Melbourne Zoo Water recycling plant and RMIT Alumnai stair projects review by Norman Day

Metro news and reviews

The Age

28 February 2007

page 15

"Mirka restored for modernity"

Mirka at Tolarno Hotel review by Norman Day

Arts & Culture


Contemporary Australian Landscape Design

Elizabeth Mossop, B.T Latitude 2006

pages 82-83, 150, 161, 166-167

Spencer Street Footbridge, RMIT University, Riawunna Aboriginal Centre

Architecture Australia

Vol. 95 no. 6 November / December 2006

page 74

National Architecture Awards

Lachlan Macquarie Awards, Memorial Hall, Melbourne Grammar School

Monument 74 Architecture + Design

August / September 2006

pages 20,21

The Matrix, Latrobe University Visual Arts Building Bendigo, review by Martyn Hook

Architect Victoria

RAIA Victorian Chapter magazine July 2006

pages 16, 41

Victorian Awards Issue Melbourne Grammar School, Memorial Hall & Latrobe University, Visual Arts Building

Place – South Australia

July/August 2006 Vol. 2 No.1

pages 20 - 21

2006 RAIA Architecture Awards – The Adelaide Prize, Taylor Cullity Lethlean with Peter Elliott Architects

Architecture Australia

Vol. 95 no. 2 March/April 2006

pages 70 - 79

North Terrace, Adelaide, project review by Gini Lee

Architect Victoria

RAIA Victorian Chapter magazine Summer 2006

page 21

More Unbuilt Melbourne, Melbourne Grammar School 2003


Leon van Schaik, Wiley - Academy, GB 2006

pages 60 - 63, 170 - 175


Monument 70


pages 68 - 74

Education Report 01 ‘Composing Space‘, Review by Martyn Hook of Memorial Hall and Alfred Felton Hall, Melbourne Grammar School


Issue 63, September 2005

pages 90 - 93.

RMIT University, Former Magistrates Court Building 20

The Age


page 21

‘Hits and critical mass‘ project review of International House, the University of Melbourne, by Norman Day. Arts & Culture section

The Advertiser, Bendigo


‘One building, many views ? Art Attack‘, front page news piece on the Latrobe University Visual Arts Building by Robyn Powell


The Age


A3 pages 6, 7

‘From Empire to squeeze box‘, Project review of Victoria University Law School, by Norman Day

Architecture Australia

March/April 2004 Vol 93 No.2

pages 48 - 53

‘Concertina‘ review of Victoria Law School project by Graham Crist


Monument 58

December 2003/January 2004

page 24

‘Site Space‘ ? Zoolander, Butterfly House, Melbourne Zoo, Review by Martyn Hook

Monument 56

August/September 2003

pages 60 - 66

‘Director‘s Cut, Profiling Peter Elliott‘ Practice review by Maryn Hook

Judging Architecture, Issues Divisions Triumphs. Victorian Architecture Awards 1929 – 2003

Edited by Philip Goad, RAIA 2003

page 28 & other listings

Essay, Recollections

Architecture on Campus

Melbourne University Press 2003

see index

A Guide to The University of Melbourne and its Colleges by Philip Goad & George Tibbits


The Age


page 13

Perspective: ‘The Architect of Small Things‘ by James Button

Architecture Australia

Vol. 90 no. 4 July/August 2001

pages 46 - 51

‘The Colourful University‘, Architectural Strategies at RMIT. Leon van Schaik, review by Peter Bickle

Architecture Australia

Vol. 90 no. 3 May/June 2001

pages 72 - 75

‘Surgery and Repair‘, Adelaide‘s new urban proposals. Review of North Terrace project by Stuart Niven

The Sunday Age

25 March 2001, Agenda

Skyline by Joe Rollo, ‘A Campus Cacophony Transformed‘, RMIT Building 3

Architecture Australia

March/April 2001

pages 70 - 73

‘Multiplying Modernisms‘, Project Review by Dr Karen Burns. Melbourne Grammar School, Student Centre


The Age


pages 1 - 3

‘The Place for a Village‘ ? Hanover Design Competition by James Button ‘Saturday Extra‘

Monument 38

October/November 2000

pages 98 - 102

‘Open University‘ ? RMIT Urban Spaces Project Review by Martyn Hook

Architecture Australia

November/December 2000, Volume 89 No. 6.

page 42

Walter Burley Griffin Award for Urban Design, RMIT University Urban Spaces Project

Architectural Review Australia

Winter 2000

pages 48 - 55

‘Program Reconciled, The University of Tasmania joins the long list of Australian tertiary campuses with monumental new facilities‘. Review by Helen Norrie Photography by John Gollings


The Sunday Age


pages 10, Agenda Section

RMIT‘s Gift to the City: A Village Green, Art Review, ‘Skyline‘ Column, by Joe Rollo

Steel Profile

No. 67, June 1999

pages 10 - 17

‘Heavenly Body‘, Observatory Gate, Melbourne

Trust News

Vol. 27, No. 6, June 1999

pages 24 - 25

‘New With Old‘, Review of Recent Projects by Richard Peterson

Contemporary Melbourne Architecture

UNSW Press, 1999

pages 33, 35,53 - 54, 91, 97 - 98, 144 - 45, 159 - 60, 184

by Joe Rollo

Architecture Australia

May/June 1999 Vol. 88 Number 3

pages 84 - 89

‘Local Connections‘. Review by Leon van Schaik of Observatory Gate, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and Spencer Street Footbridge

Melbourne Architecture

Philipage Goad, Watermark Press, 1999

pages 212,219, 227, 267

The Age

Friday 12 March 1999

page 17

Opinion: ‘Melbourne and its Gardens Have Just Got Better‘ by Dimity Reed. A review of the refurbished Observatory site at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne

The Bulletin


pages 38 - 39

‘Star Attraction‘. Urban Affairs, by Keith Dunstan. Review of the Botanic Gateway Project, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne


The Age


page 19

Architecture ‘Bridging the Gapagein Style‘, Clarendon Street Pedestrian Bridge over the Yarra, Review by Joe Rollo

Building Australia

November 1998, Vol. 1 Issue 7

page 19

‘The 1998 RAIA Awards‘ ? 2 Treasury Place, Melbourne ? Lachlan Macquarie Award for Conservation

Grids and Greenery Case Studies

City of Melbourne, 1998

page 14

Chapter 1, Streets. Achieving Urban Vitality, Future Projects RMIT Urban Spaces Strategy


Issue No. 59 - 60, October 1998

pages 70 - 73

‘Old Paths, New Paths, Review of University of Melbourne Collective Projects‘, by Alex Selenitsch


Issue No. 59 - 60, October 1998

pages 68 - 69

‘Review of University of Melbourne Collective Projects 1986 – 1996‘, by Anthony Styant – Browne


Issue No. 59 - 60, October 1998

pages 58 - 67

‘University of Melbourne Collective Projects 1986 – 1996‘, Peter Elliott Pty Ltd Architects

The Age


page 16

‘Shining Like the Stars‘, Architecture, Old Melbourne Observatory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne. Review by Joe Rollo, Living Arts

The Australian


page 40

Architecture, ‘Living in the Past‘, State Government Offices 2 Treasury Place. Review by Peter Ward

Architectural Review Australia

Autumn 1998

pages 84 - 89

Balancing Act, review of Ballarat Town Hall by Dr PhilipageGoad,

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine

Jan/Feb 1998

pages 14 - 15

Architecture and Landscape issue, RMIT University City Campus, Urban Spaces Strategic Plan by Peter Elliott


The Age


page 5, Metro

Architecture, ‘The New Bridge Across the River: Why? Yarra River Bridge Plan. Yarra River Pedestrian Bridge. Review by Joe Rollo

The Age


page B6 Metro Arts

An Unpretentious Success‘ Melbourne University Gate House. Review by Joe Rollo

The Age


page C5

Architecture, ‘Exquisite, Sensitive Extension to Town Hall‘, Ballarat Town Hall Extension. Review by Joe Rollo



No.15, October 1996

pages 102 - 105, & front cover

The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre, Ballarat

Award Winning Australian Architecture

‘Craftsman House, 1996 – Fitzroy Apartment.‘ by Neville Quarry

The Age


page 11

The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre, Ballarat.‘ Awards review by Joe Rollo

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine

July 1996 Victorian Awards Issue

page 4

guest editor and Awards Overview

The Age


page A15

Privileged Point of View‘ review of MODELS INC Exhibition, by Joe Rollo. Arts and Industry Gallery

Insite, Museum Australia Inc. (Victoria) Newsletter


page 9

Museum of Lillydale‘


Architecture Australia

Sept 1995, vol. 84, No.5.

pages 60 - 63

The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre project review by Norman Day


Issue No. 47, 1995

pages 66 - 69

Two Sides of the Same, Alex Selenitsch


Issue No. 47, 1995

pages 60 - 65

New Principal‘s Residence, St Mary‘s College


Issue No. 47, 1995

pages 54 - 59

The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre, Ballarat Botanic Gardens

Kerb, Journal of Landscape Architecture,

Issue No. 2, 1995,

pages 38 - 41

review – ‘The Robert Clark Conservatory and Horticultural Centre, Jane Shepherd

BHP Steel Profile

Number 52, June 1995

pages 2 - 7

Super Structure, The Robert Clark Horticultural Centre, Ballarat Botanic Gardens

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 6

Exhibitions & Museums, Museum of Lillydale by Peter Elliott


Architecture Australia

September/October 1994, Vol 83, No. 5.

pages 14 - 15

Radar Review‘ – review by Peter Elliott of the competition winner for the new Museum of Victoria in Carlton by Denton Corker Marshall Pty Ltd Architects

Architecture Australia

July/August 1994, Vol. 83, No. 4.

pages 58 - 59

Campus Survey – recent University buildings – ‘Old Pathology Building‘ at The University of Melbourne


Architecture Australia

July/August 1993

pages 50 - 53

‘Art Spaces, Three New Galleries in Melbourne‘, Tolarno, Panorama, Museum of Modern Art at Heide

Contemporary Australian Architecture – 1994

Graham Jahn, Gordon & Breach Arts International

pages 70 - 75

Carlton Baths & Community Centre

McCutcheon House

The Age 1983

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


pages 10 - 12

Municipal & Civic Buildings‘, St.Kilda Town Hall Redevelopment

Vogue Living

June/July 1993 No.3

pages 70 - 77

‘Light Conversion‘, Fitzroy Apartment

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 62.12

Perceptions of TAFE‘, RMIT TAFE – Furniture & Building Departments


Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine

August 1992, Conservation Architecture issue

pages 8 - 9

Take a good hard look at yourself‘, by Peter Elliott

Fin de Siecle and the 21st Century. Architectures of Melbourne, RMIT Catalogue of Master of Architec

A 38 south publication.

pages 41 - 64

Peter Elliott, Forays into the Contemporary Institution. An architecture of the Public Realm‘

Smart Housing Choices


A directory of Medium Density Housing in Victoria. RAIA (Victorian Chapter) and Department of Planning & Development.

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 10

Interior Architecture Award, Fitzroy Apartment

Transition: Discourse on Architecture

No. 36/37, March 1992

pages 81 - 95

Scrutinising the Frame – Facing the Surface: Peter Elliott‘s Carlton Baths, Robinson Chen‘s Hilderbrand House, by Peter Hennessey and Patricia Piccinini


Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 4

Carlton Baths & Community Centre, Victorian Architecture Medal 1991

Metal Building Products Manufacturers Association (MBPMA)

Volume 6. No.6, June 1991, Innovative Building Magazine

pages 18 - 19

Merit Award

Steel Profile (BHP)

Number 35, March 1991

page 10 - Award, page 31 - Issues 2000

10th Anniversary Awards Issue,

Multiple Residential Shortlist, Seaside lodge Rooming House, St.Kilda

Alterations & Additions Residential Shortlist, Jacka House, Balwyn

Business Review Weekly (BRW)

February 8, 1991.

pages 81 - 82

Design – Baths Architects Show Free Spirit by PhilipageDrew.


Architect, RAIA Magazine

December 1990, Architectural ideas, Medium Density Housing Design Competition, Yarrabank Melbourne.

pages 11 - 15

Critique : Equal Honourable mention

Architecture Australia

December 1990,

pages 36 - 39 and front cover

Approaches to Design 1980 – 2000 The City: A fragile tension

Steel Profile (BHP)

Number 32, June 1990

pages 2 - 9

Transformer‘, Article on Lightmakers Lighting Showroom Collingwood

Steel Profile (BHP)

Number 31, March 1990

pages 24 - 31

‘Peter Elliott‘s Freestyle‘, Article on Carlton Baths Development

Aardvark 1990

Department of Architecture RMIT, 1990

pages 70 - 772.26

A selected guide to contemporary Melbourne Architects

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 11

New Building Review, Housing Capel St North Melbourne by Peter Brew


The Age Good Weekend Magazine

14 October 1989,

page 42

14 ‘Business Unfinished‘ by Margaret Knight, Coming Along Swimmingly Carlton Baths Project

Urban Design Forum

No. 8 September 1989

page 4

Docklands Urban Design WorkshopageReport‘, by Bruce Echberg


Autumn 1989,

RMIT – Works by Melbourne Architects, Carlton Baths Development

Design World

No. 16, 1989. The International Journal of Design, Design Editorial Pty Ltd, Australia.

pages 71 - 77

Collaborative Designs

Critiques 3

Edited Jeff Turnball, Department of Architecture & Building University of Melbourne, 1989

page 129?136

Notes on Australian Romanticism Francesco Vitelli

Australian Interior Design Manual,

by Tibor Hubay. Allen & Unwin Australia, 1989.

pages 1, 118, 119, 229 McCorkell house, page 32 McLatchy House, page 64 Pitt Street Housing

Photographs and text of housing; front cover,


The Age

Monday 24 October 1988, page 11,

Tyranny of the Backyard by John Stevens. Feature article/interview on the suburban backyard.

The Herald

August, 1988,

page 25

Radical Departure leaves home startling‘, by Kathleen Buchanan. Article on unusual houses

Collaborative Designs 1988

Working Together in Architecture, Essays and Projects on the Collaboration of Architects, crafts people, artists and design – makers, Exhibition Catalogue. Edited by Deidre Missingham, and Alex Selenitsch.

Vogue Living Australia

May No. 4, 1988

pages 150 - 151

Basic Geometry‘ Article on Seddon House, Richmond, by Davina Jackson

Steel Profile (BHP)

Number 23, March 1988

pages 1 - 7

The Light House‘, Article on Wartook House


Architect Designed Housing

The Age, RAIA, October 1987

pages 44 - 45

Farm at Wartook

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 22

Awards, Residential Alterations and Extensions, Seddon House

The Age

May 5, 1987

page 27

Home 3, Architecture, Journey into our past solves a problem of today, by Dimity Reed, Review of McCorkell House, Grampians

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 19

Is it Sir Peter Now‘, by Ian McDougall

Architect RAIA Victorian Chapter Magazine


page 18

Peter Elliott A.M., by Dimity Reed


Architecture Australia : Awards 1985

December 1985 Volume 74

page 30

Number 8, The Robin Boyd Award ? finalist.


Awards Special Issue, Sept 1985

page 5, page 7

Knox SchlappageHousing

Viva Australia Architecture

pages 48 - 49

Port Melbourne Housing by Jennifer Taylor


Architecture Australia

November 1984, Volume 73 Number 6

front cover, page 1 axonometric, pages 44 - 45

MacLatchy Residence, Fitzroy

Fundamental Building Materials

Skoga Pty Ltd in association with RAIA 1984

Skoga Pty Ltd in association with RAIA

K Ward – Harvey

By Design

Changing Australian Housing, John Baird

pages 78 - 81

AE Press Melbourne 1984 ‘A house in a factory Clifton Hill‘,


Architecture column,

Mixing Building Metaphors,

Mixing Building Metaphors, review of MacLatchy Residence Fitzroy, by Norman Day

Architectural Australia

May 1983, Volume 72 Number 3

pages 38 - 39

Caldwell House, Pakenham Upper,


New Uses for Old Buildings in Australia

Oxford University Press 1982

Child Care Centre Fitzroy, McCutcheon House, Clifton Hill. Anne Latreille, Peter Latreille, Peter Lovell

Australian Home Journal Annual Edition,

City Recycling, Facelift for a Factory,

pages 112 – 117


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December 1981 Volume 70 Number 6

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Bronze medal for rejuvenated Housing House inside a factory Clifton Hill

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Rejuvenated Housing Award, Lethbridge


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Edited Sue Clark, Lee Emery

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Edited by Hi-Design Publishing, Dailin University of Technology Press, HK, 2014. RMIT University Lawn Precinct

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51 - 64

A case study in urban renewal and the design of public space – Rmit University – University Lawn Precinct


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Shanglin Edition, Hong Kong, 2011

pages 302 - 309

Deer Park Bypass, Grimwade House Upper Primary, Xavier College Science & Performing Arts Projects



July 2010, no.311

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C3 Publishing, Korea, 2010

Melbourne Zoo Water Recycling Plant

Detail in Contemporary Glass Architecture

Virginia McLeod, Laurence King Publishing

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RMIT Urban Spaces


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Victoria Law School


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Stalowa Tuska Steel Husk, review of Riawunna Aboriginal Education Centre, University of Tasmania, by Mieczystaw K. Leniartek


Architecture New Zealand

November/December 2005 Volume 6

pages 87, 88

Tassie Material Culture, review of Riawunna Aboriginal Education Centre, University of Tasmania, by Julia Gatley


Witnessing the Australian Outburst

aa asia monograph four, 2003

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edited by Chow Kim Nam, Select Publishing, Singapore


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L‘architectura e un Cristallo by Mauro Baracco


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Public, corporate and residential spaces, March 1988

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Uniquely Australian, by Tibor Hubay, McCorkell House


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Housing, Port Melbourne

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September 1985, official magazine of The American Institute of Architects

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Australia, Melbourne‘s Varied Vigorous Program of Social Housing (Port Melbourne)