Wynyard Point

Public Realm Strategy

Client: City of Auckland
Status: Complete 2006
Location: Tank Farm, Exmouth Road

Team with Taylor Cullity Lethlean

Wynyard Point is located on a prominent waterfront promontory at the north western fringe of the Auckland CBD. Also known as the ‘tank farm’ Wynyard Point is a 35 hectare reclaimed parcel of land originally developed to serve the port of Auckland. As industrial and port related activities relocate the redevelopment of Wynyard Point offers an outstanding opportunity to further establish Auckland as one of the great harbour and waterfront cities.

The purpose of the Strategy is to clearly articulate an overarching public realm framework for Wynyard Point and its integration into the larger Auckland waterfront and CBD fabric. The report describes a robust set of public domain principles with illustrated examples. It provides guidance on how to establish a generous and inviting public realm, as characterised by significant open spaces, beautiful boulevards, streets and laneways that are located for maximum public benefit and enjoyment and as well as a place that will celebrate its unique harbour side location.