M80 Ring Road Upgrade Urban Design Strategy

Greensborough to Laverton North

Client: Major Road Projects Authority (VicRoads)
Status: Complete 2010

Team: with VicRoads Landscape & Urban Design Unit

The M80 Ring Road Upgrade is a $2.25 billion project, jointly funded by the Australian and Victorian Governments, to widen and improve the Western and Metropolitan Ring Roads. The M80 extends 38km from the Princes Freeway at Laverton North to the Greensborough Highway at Greensborough. The project objectives are to improve safety, ease congestion, reduce traffic times and improve reliability for all road users.

The M80 Urban Design Strategy has been prepared to provide an overall urban design vision and framework for the future retro-fit development of the freeway corridor. One important aim is to achieve a higher level of design consistency over the length of the freeway, given its diversity, different delivery methods and maintenance structures. The urban design vision for the project is described in five key principles: Design Hierarchy, Urban Integration, Multi-functional, Wayfinding and Connectivity.