M2 Citylink – Tullamarine Freeway Urban Design Strategy

Southbank to Melbourne Airport

Client: Major Road Projects Authority (VicRoads)
Status: Complete 2015

The M2 Citylink – Tullamarine Freeway is a 23km freeway connecting the M1 West Gate Freeway to Melbourne Airport. The freeway is divided into the Citylink toll road section up to Bulla Road and the VicRoads section out to the Airport. The Tullamarine Freeway has been developed in stages over many years with various upgrades to make it one of the most heavily trafficked roads in Melbourne.

The M2 Urban Design Strategy has been prepared to provide an overall urban design vision and framework for the future retro-fit development of the freeway corridor. One important aim is to achieve a higher level of design consistency over the length of the freeway, given its diversity, different delivery methods, management and maintenance structures. The overall urban design vision for the project is to deliver an international gateway to Melbourne for domestic and overseas travellers, a more consistent integration and a memorable journey reflecting something of the character of Melbourne as a great Australian city. The UDS proposes four urban design principles: Identity, Wayfinding, Consistency and Urban Integration.