Melbourne Arts Precinct Blueprint

Architectural Framework

Client: Arts Precinct Working Group
Status: Complete 2013

The “Blueprint” is an overarching vision and co-ordinated approach to the future development of the Melbourne Arts Precinct, Southbank. The study has been co-ordinated by a Secretariat and Working Group made up of the key arts stakeholders, the City of Melbourne, Arts Victoria and the State Government. The Southbank Arts Precinct contains an impressive collection of major arts institutions and related organisations.  Whilst each individual organisation has its own plans for the future, the Blueprint considers the precinct primarily as a piece of the city in which numerous arts venues are located. A vibrant Southbank precinct will contain a rich diversity of mixed use activities but with a strong arts focus and identity. The idea is to better connect the precinct to the city bring with it some of its vibrant street activity and energy.