Spencer Street Footbridge

Client: Melbourne Exhibition Centre & Convention Centre Trust
Status: Complete 1998

The project involved the design of a new covered footbridge to link the Convention and Exhibition buildings on either side of the Yarra. The footbridge is both public and urban in its form and manners.  It has an exaggerated ribbed skeletal form that cuts a striking river and sky profile, for as object, this could be the upturned hull of an unfinished boat, or the skeletal backbone of some ancient marine creature.

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“The new pedestrian bridge running parallel to the Spencer Street Bridge over the Yarra is a beauty… a little gem that needs to be experienced for its subtleties to be fully appreciated….a walk across it reveals it as an elegant and as finely tuned piece of small bridge architecture as you are likely to see.”

Joe Rollo, The Age 18 November 1998