North Terrace Redevelopment

South Australia

Client: City of Adelaide
Status: Complete 2011

Team: Taylor Cullity Lethlean with Peter Elliott Architects

North Terrace is Adelaide’s premier civic street. It is 2.5 kilometres long and is lined with an extraordinary array of cultural, civic, educational, health, recreation and commercial institutions unique in Australia. Whilst the Terrace still functioned as a civic place of importance by the late 1990’s it had become tired and overgrown and was in need of a major over-haul. The project commenced in 2000 with the preparation of a Development Framework Plan, followed by concept designs and staged implementation. This was an intensely collaborative project with Peter Elliott, Taylor Cullity Lethlean and Paul Carter as cultural interpreter. What distinguishes the Terrace from other civic boulevards is the unusual asymmetric alignment of street and spacious northern linear garden served by inner and outer paths thus creating a grand terrace walk. The northern edge of the Terrace is rich public terrain for each institution that lines it provides a different form of civic forecourt that over-locks the garden walk.

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“…North Terrace stood alone as an outstanding example of collaboration, design integrity and public realm achievement in Adelaide, and it addressed all of the selection criteria in an exemplary manner.”

The Adelaide Prize Jury, 2006