Tower Turnaround Prototype

Client: Department of Human Services
Status: Complete 2011

 Team BKK Architects together with Peter Elliott Architecture & Urban Design, Taylor Cullity Lethlean, Robert Owen & Sense Architecture

This project deals with the regeneration of an existing social housing tower block in Footscray and has been conceived as a kit of parts which can be easily adapted to other high-rise towers. The design strategy upgrades the tower’s identity, whilst greatly improving resident amenity and energy performance. The site design strategy provides better definition between public, semi-public and private spaces, introducing major changes to both the landscape setting and tower appearance. The result reinvigorates the tower’s presence in the neighbourhood and fosters a great sense of community.

Download the PDF for this project.

“the inventiveness of this idea, executed with skill and dedication, forms an exemplar of what ‘small’ architecture can achieve.”

RAIA Small Project Architecture Jury, 2012