RMIT Building 11

Old Melbourne Gaol Chapel & Entrance Buildings

Client: RMIT University
Status: Complete 2015
Location: Old Melbourne Gaol, Russell Street, Melbourne

Building 11 is one of the most distinctive surviving bluestone buildings from the early foundation of Melbourne. Built in stages from 1859 to 1864, the Old Melbourne Gaol’s former gate-house, governor’s residence, female hospital, bath house and chapel form a cohesive formal group of 3 wings around a handsome central courtyard. The Gatehouse with its grand gated archway facing Franklin Street, formed the main entry to the Gaol complex.

The refurbishment project will ensure the protection of this important heritage listed building. The complex will be occupied by Student Services as flexible academic offices and meeting spaces. The Gaol forecourt and inner courtyard will be interwoven into the city campus’ network of open spaces. The courtyard is a formal urban space with considerable presence and will become a new gathering place for students and staff. The Gaol forecourt will become a new northern entry space leading into the campus in a similar role to that of Ellis Court on Latrobe Street.