The University of Melbourne

Urban Design Framework

Client: The University of Melbourne
Status: Complete 2014


Team with Taylor Cullity Lethlean

The intent of the Urban Design Framework is to provide a compelling vision for the future public spaces of the Parkville campus as well as guidance on the process of progressive transformation. The UDF is built upon a foundation of propositional ideas that tries to anticipate and imagine the future Parkville campus. The Framework also reflects a set of values that underpin the University and its place within the broader community. The UDF is an evolution of the Parkville Campus Master Plan 2008 and projects forward another decade to 2025. Through Growing Esteem, the University has restated its commitment to the on-campus experience and the Parkville campus as a principal place of learning, teaching, social interaction, engagement and celebration. The Framework re-imagines and transforms the identity of the University and its place in the city. This is captured in three core ideas that underpin the future development of the campus: a central campus green + a network of connected walkways + a cluster of academic villages