MGS Alfred Felton Hall

Grimwade House

Client: Melbourne Grammar School
Status: Complete 2005

Alfred Felton Hall has been designed as a flexible school assembly and performance space with a seating capacity of 750. The Hall is located in the heart of the campus and is accessed via a glazed foyer, which is linked to the adjoining 1920’s Hall & Chapel building. The auditorium has been arranged in a “courtyard” format with a flat floor open-end stage and wings, facing raked seating and side galleries. The flat floor zone provides for stackable seating and roll out rugs for the smaller children to sit on. The interior space is day lit to create a welcoming and child friendly place. This is not a black-box theatre, rather it is a day lit Hall which can adapt into numerous formats.

Back of house facilities including change rooms, toilets, stores and a workshop are located under the Hall and accessed via 2 main circulation systems one serving the public foyers and the other serving the back stage. The back of house level can also be directly accessed from the main sports ovals, which the Hall foyers overlook. The building has been conceived as an inner rectangular Hall form wrapped on the perimeter by transparent glazed foyers of a lower scale. For the most part views of the Hall are limited glimpses from the nearby courtyards and pathways between buildings, although there is one prominent distant view from the ovals to the south.

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“The centrepiece of the School’s Master Plan is the Alfred Felton Hall which forms the new heart for Grimwade, a focal point for performance and learning activities, concerts, assemblies, plays, presentations and functions.”

Paul Sheahan, Headmaster, MGS 2006